• All About 101

    Introducing the most innovative food product to almost hit the market: 101 Sauce! It's a sauce and a healthy meal starter with a kajillion options for use (not just 101 options, mind you). Use it straight out of the jar or twist the flavor to something completely different and delicious with a couple additions. It's all up to you and the time you have that night! Read More
  • The Story

    How in the world did the most innovative sauce and healthy meal starter begin? As you can guess, this sauce isn't just a one-trick-product, it's a solution that truly is limitless. Discover 101 Sauce's humble and earnest beginning. Read More
  • Recipe Ideas

    The number of meals, snacks and other sauces to make with 101 Sauce is limitless, but we had to start somewhere! This is a starting point of recipe titles we've created with two things in mind: (1) it has to contain 6 or less ingredients + 101 and (2) you can substitute other ingredients you have on hand easily, or leave out some completely. There are a few gourmet-ish recipe titles listed as well as ole American standbys. We seriously can't wait to get 101 marketed one day and see what YOU create! Read More
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I want 101 Sauce!

Wish you could get your hands on 101 Sauce now? We'll keep you posted on our progress of bringing 101 to market and into your home. (We promise we won't spam you or send out your contact info because we hate that.)